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For turnkey construction projects, we get involved in a project from the early stages of planning and design; proactively laying down the complete roadmap for construction, with pre-defined milestones and backing it up with smart planning tools. On the other hand, if contracted as analysts, auditors or advisors, we do not take the place of your architect, engineer, audit staff, or project manager; we supplement their services by taking the necessary, detailed financial review of your construction project and your construction contracts to the next level—beyond what they would do.

Aaryan Constructions is a specialist in design-build construction. Design-build promotes much better coordination between the design consultants and construction, resulting in faster construction, better quality, and reduced costs. While on most projects we select the architect from our panel, however, at times we also work with customers who have already commissioned the services of an architect. In the latter scenario, we work with the client’s chosen architect to help design and build the most cost-effective building solution. Our ability to deliver fast, high-quality construction is one of the reasons that most of our customers build multiple projects with us.

Renovation of existing building stock requires a great deal of experience and sensitivity in order to preserve the character of the building and fulfill the requirements for protecting historical buildings and monuments. This has been demonstrated time and again with many buildings. These project can range from Major Demolition, Infrastructure improvement, Site Development, Base Building, Mechanical Electrical Upgrade, Historic Restoration, Life Safety Upgrades to name a few.

With a team of Qualified Engineers, Architects, Designers and Management, we can manage any complex project related to construction. We are equipped with the latest project management tools available and constantly upgrade our systems to provide improved management training to its project managers to enhance their ability to manage complexities and come up with creative yet cost effective solutions.

Our building design services incorporate architecture, interior design, exterior landscaping and amenity planning. From high end commercial developments in the Delhi-NCR region, to coal handling plants, our capability is as diverse as the clients we serve. When we design a development, we consider a variety of key design concepts: functionality, quality of life, aesthetics and legacy. Naturally, we design your building to be fit for purpose, but we give equally focused on designing structures that last, are sympathetic to their surroundings and structurally robust.

Our structural engineering and detailing staff is knowledgeable in both pre-engineered and conventional construction. Our engineers analyze every building and derive alternative design solutions to fit the project requirements (value engineering). During both conceptual design analysis and development of working drawings, the engineers and technicians collaborate closely with the project team for cost control and ease of erection.

Our team of Construction Auditors provides a unique blend of project management and financial analysis, adding a greater level of accountability for the project team and serving to increase potential savings. In past, we have performed Construction Audits for our clients leading to saving in cost. Clients are benefited with improve Project Success Rates, Reduce risk, Excellent change management, Improved Resource Utilization and Improved Relationships.

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Areas of Expertise

For over 2 decades our clients have placed their trust in our ability to bring their dream projects to life. We work through the 4 stages of developing real estate projects, in a structured and transparent manner.

Project Planning

At the planning stage we clearly define the client’s needs, goals and overall budget parameters. This collaborative approach develops an understanding of challenges and sets benchmarks for success. In addition at this stage define the construction project’s life cycle, the cost, scope, duration, quality, communication, risks and resources.


Once the project kicks off, we see it through its completion. We do this by assigning dedicated project managers who ensure that the project is executed resources and timelines are in line with the plan. Some of the specific tasks during this phase include: assigning teams, executing project management plans, conducting status meetings, updating project schedule, and modifying project plans.

Performance Monitoring

Project performance monitoring & control goes hand in hand with the previous step because they occur simultaneously. Specific key performance (or project) indicators(KPI’s) such as project schedule, estimate to project completion, effort and cost tracking for cost, time and quality are selected and utilized to determine degrees of variation from the original project goal. KPIs keep projects on track and allow managers to proactively work around bottlenecks.

Project Closure

This last step is vitally important because it allows team members to evaluate, document and learn from the project. The project closure happens with a final team meeting, which is usually held and led by a project manager to officially mark the ending of the project. If authorized, we settle the bills on client’s behalf once the final project budget and final budget report is created. This marks the completion of the project.



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